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How can I display my disk quota?

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To limit the amount of disk space each user can allocate we use a disk quota system at UPPMAX. The default disk quota is 32 GByte in your home directory and 250 GByte in your global scratch area.

You can display your current usage with the command 'uquota'.

When you exceed your quota you have to remove some files or request more quota. The 'uqouta' command will also show the date and to what limit your quota will change to, if you have been given a larger quota.

To get more quota, send a mail to support ( and state how much, for how long time, and why you need it.

Note that glob quota usage is taken from your personal group's global gulo usage. I.e. there might be situations where you're a member of a project that has its nobackup area on gulo, and where you've accidentally created files owned by your own group instead of the project's group; then that data will be counted towards your reported glob usage. Change the group owner to the project's group instead, and you'll see the number from uquota decrease.

If you are a volume administrator for a multi-project volume named e.g. v999, you have these additional commands available:

  • uvquota (to see information about all such volumes)
  • uvquota v999 (to see information about volume v999)
  • cat /lynx/cvol/v999/uvquota.list (to see also hidden information about individual project directory quotas)
  • vi /lynx/cvol/v999/project_disk_quotas (to edit, with the editor vi, the individual project directory quotas)