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General support

As a first step, see the online user guides, or the FAQ. If you can not find the answer to your problem there you can also check the national SNIC documentation site, as well as contact our local helpdesk at:

Project registration

Use the national web portal SUPR to register for a new SNIC small/medium/large project at UPPMAX. If you're interested in an UPPNEX project, or local course project, then you can use our own project registration form. Note that the PI for an UPPNEX project must be a senior scientist in Swedish academia, at least at the level of assistant professor (forskarassistent).

User account application

Use the user account application form to apply for an account belonging to an UPPNEX and/or course project at UPPMAX. If the project is a SNIC small/medium/large created during 2014 then the user should register for an account at the national web portal SUPR. If the project is older than that, then our own user account form should be used.

If you do not belong to a project you must first set up one first. Note that you are expected to have read and agreed to follow the UPPMAX rules of usage.

Note: When register for an account, you must use your official university e-mail address.

Application oriented support

For help or advice on using, developing or tuning HPC applications you can contact the UPPMAX application experts directly. The role of the application experts is to transfer HPC competence and computational know-how within the respective fields to the users. There is also information available at SNIC's national documentation site.

On-line sources for support

UPPNEX specific support

The UPPNEX Book Application Experts Mailinglist Installed Software Software Wishlist User Scripts Reference Genomes Blast databasesThere are several ways to get support for UPPNEX resources.