New procurement at UPPMAX


UPPMAX has received instructions to start procuring a system to meet Uppsala University's local needs for sensitive and non-sensitive HPC and cloud services in both research and general education. Funding is supplied by the disciplinary domains and from the Vice-Chancellor.

Any research group with an interest is welcome to contact the Director ( and/or UPPMAX support ( to discuss collaboration or co-investment.

Read on for some more details.

The total investment budget is currently about 40 MSEK, of which 10 MSEK is a NAISS investment for a bridging resource for sensitive personal data to replace Bianca while a more long-term solution is being put in place in Linköping (the EuroHPC system Arrhenius).

The stated purpose of this new local resource is to complement national resources, providing accessible compute and storage resources for UU research and education. 

Because of synergies during procuration, we strongly encourage anyone with an interest in dedicated resources for your research group to contact us now. Contact the Director ( and/or UPPMAX support ( to discuss collaboration or co-investment. 

For updates and information on current system status, please see the System Status page.


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