HPC cybersecurity issues


Several large European HPC-sites are reporting issues with cybersecurity and several SNIC centres have recently restricted access to some of its services.

UPPMAX security team is closely following this situation. More information will be posted as we find out more details.

UPDATE 2020-05-20

More information has come out that several supercomputers in Europe has been hacked. The purpose appears to have been to mine cryptocurrency, a task well suited for supercomputers. If you are an UPPMAX user with access to European supercomputing resources please check for any information from these sites regarding security issues. If you find that a system you have been using has been compromised please renew, and refrain from using, any shared passwords and SSH keys also in use at UPPMAX.

We continue to follow this issue as more information is revealed. We have so far seen no signs that UPPMAX is affected.

For updates and information on current system status, please see the System Status page.


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