Life science loves UPPMAX


An estimated 40% of all publications reported to SciLifeLab under 2020 involved work done on UPPMAX resources. 

The proportion of Swedish life science publications where UPPMAX has played a role has been steadily increasing every year, and last year was no different. 

The staff are proud to have been a part of literally hundreds of exciting research projects over the years, and we feel honoured by the trust and responsibility bestowed upon us by our user community. The fact that this community is growing both in share as well as absolute size and productivity is a sign that we are in fact meeting our goals — to offer a digital research environment of the highest possible quality that addresses the evolving needs of a cutting-edge scientific community.

2021 holds promise for continuing the trend. Among other things: 

  • With GPU capability added to Bianca, we are enabling machine learning methods on sensitive personal data, which will take multiomics on patient data to the next level.
  • For Uppsala University general education, a new collaboration with Servicedesk means faster support for questions related to courses.
  • A more transparent process for storage project administration will help staff and users keep Crex from being overburdened by old data. 

For updates and information on current system status, please see the System Status page.


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