Projects at UPPMAX

UPPMAX participates in several projects in SNIC as well as in other contexts. The links to the left will direct you to project webpages.

UPPMAX for business


UPPMAX has compute and storage resources that can be rented by companies under similar conditions as those offered to academic researchers. This means that companies and businesses can write a contract that grants them a project with a certain allocation of compute hours per month and storage capacity. Your company also receives access to a large library of scientific software in genomics, bioinformatics, chemistry, and more. Support for systemrelated issues as well as questions about applications is included.

How does it work?

You log in to a Linux cluster using a command-line terminal or the ThinLinc virtual desktop. We provide user training for beginners and advanced users. Compute hours are consumed by submitting jobs to a queue system — jobs submitted in excess of the agreed-upon allocation are executed at a lower priority. Support is provided primarily through email.

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Last modified: 2022-05-24