The Miarka cluster

Miarka is the NGI production system where genomic data from the sequencing machines are pre-processed before they are delivered to the researcher. Miarka is part of the SNIC-SENS project and the successor of Irma.

Miarka provides over 3000 cores in the form of 68 compute nodes (dual Intel Xeon Gold 6248R, 24 cores @ 3.0GHz) nodes with a default memory configuration of 384 GB memory per node and 12 TB of SSD scratch disk as well as two high-memory nodes (dual AMD EPYC 7552, 48 core @ 2.2GHz) with 2-4 TB of memory and a GPU-equipped node with four NVidia A100 GPU's.

Miarka runs Rocky Linux 8.5 as its operating system.

Miarka was put into production in April 2022.

Technical summary

  • 68 compute nodes with 48 cores, 3x4 TB SSDs, 384 GB RAM
  • 2 high-memory nodes with 96 cores, 2x4 TB SSDs, and 2 or 4 TB RAM
  • 1 GPU node with 4 NVidia A100 GPU's
  • total number of cores is about 3500 cores
Last modified: 2022-04-22