Storage Systems


Domus hosts the home directories and some common system directories, e.g. the software catalogue. The system is a NetApp totalling 100 TB on 96 SAS 10K disks, supports snapshots, and has off-site backup. 


Lupus provides storage for Irma and is a Dell IEEL (Intel Enterprise Edition for Lustre) storage system. The system includes 9 Dell PowerEdge R630 servers configured as follows:

  • 1 management server
  • 2 meta data servers working as a one high availability cluster. The cluster is connected to one Dell PowerVault MD3420 storage array.
  • 6 object storage servers connected to 6 Dell PowerVault MD3460 storage arrays it is ensuring redundancy for all the elements of the system.

Lupus is running Lustre file system version 2.5. It supports data striping over multiple nodes and disk targets and can give a summary read/write speed up to 25 Gbit per second. Total capacity is roughly 1.1 PB.


Castor is a custom built storage system running GlusterFS dedicated to Bianca. The system consists of 54 Huawei 5288 V3 servers, each server is equipped with 36 x 3TB SATA disks working as one logical volume (with redundancy) and providing 109TB raw disk space per one server. This gives about 5,7 PB raw disk space in total. Each storage server is connected to network with 2 x 40 Gb/s Ethernet links working as one aggregated link at 80 Gb/s.


Rackham's storage system is a DDN (DataDirect Networks) EXAScaler filesystem based on the ES14KX platform. Crex uses 840 10TB NL-SAS drives and 24 300GB SAS drives for metadata storage. The total volume is 6 PB, with 1 PB reserved for SciLifeLab, 4.5 PB reserved for SNIC projects, and 0.5 PB for UPPMAX use. The filesystem is Lustre, a highly scalable filesystem common in HPC.


Lutra is a custom built storage system running GlusterFS. The system consist of 6 Huawei 5288 V5 servers with a total of 6x38 10TB SATA-drives for a capacity of 2.2 PB. The usable disk space is 1.8PB. Lutra is meant for "offload" or archive storage and available for all users at a cost of (at this moment) 500 SEK/TB/year, for a commitment of four years and a minimum 50TB. The design and filesystem choice makes Lutra very scalable, cost efficient while retaining moderate read/write performance. Lutra is connected to Rackham and Snowy for general availability. If you are interested in this type of storage please contact

Last modified: 2022-02-25