The Tintin Cluster

Tintin provides 2560 cores in the form of 160 dual CPU (AMD Opteron 6220 "Bulldozer" @ 3.0 GHz) Supermicro nodes with 64 or 128 GByte RAM per node.

Network connected with dual Gigabit ethernet and QDR Infiniband.
Login nodes also conneted with 10 gigabit ethernet.

The system was delivered to UPPMAX in November 2011 and started full scale operation February 1, 2012.

Technical summary

  • 160 compute nodes with dual CPUs and dual 1TB disk
  • each CPU has 4 active modules and is presented as 8 cores
  • total number of cores is 2560
  • 3 login nodes, tintin1-tintin3, having the same architecture and 96 Gigabyte RAM.
  • 144 nodes with 64 Gigabyte RAM
    16 nodes with128 Gigabyte RAM
  • dual Gigabit Ethernet for all nodes
  • QDR Infiniband interconnect
Blue computer