Course/Workshop Projects

It is possible to apply for a course project for courses and for workshops that belong to existing projects. The PI has to be employed at a Swedish University/University College at the level of PhD student or higher. 

Examples of course projects:

- Universities, University Colleges and Scientific research centers can use UPPMAX for courses within HPC technology
- A project PI can give courses/workshops connected to the project research area.

It has to be the responsible course organizer/teacher or project owner that applies for the project.

You have to apply for a course project at least 2 weeks before the course/workshop starts. The PI is then responsible to check that all participants are connected to the course project in SUPR and have an account at UPPMAX at least 2 days before the start.

Also see this FAQ with some general recommendations for giving a course using UPPMAX resources.

When you apply for a project you have to:

- Describe the course content and target audience
- Describe the organization and participating organizations
- Motivate the need for UPPMAX resources
- Motivate the size of the requested resources
- Enclose a PDF file or a link to a web site describing the course content (for a workshop you can enclose a link to the workshop web page or write a description in the application).

UPPMAX reference: in the course curriculum/course material and on the course site it has to be clear that SNIC-UPPMAX are providing the compute resources.

Accept User Agreement: all participants have to have an account in SUPR AND they have to accept the User Agreement in SUPR. This is either done with a Swedish SWAMID identity OR by sending in a paper copy of the passport to SUPR. This can take some time especially if the person live in another country so please ensure that your course participants do this in time. Make sure they can log in BEFORE the course starts.

Course reservation: we can reserve cores/nodes for approved projects. Send a request to the support at least 1 week before the course starts with your request and a motivation of your requirements:

Apply for an UPPMAX course project