Singularity workshop 03.05.2021

Online training workshop - Basic Singularity:
Running and building Singularity containers - toward reproducible research.

The online workshop is an introduction to the basic concepts of containerized software environment solution within the Singularity framework

During the workshop you will have the opportunity to follow the interactive guide on how to

  • run Singularity containers
  • how to build your own
  • good (and bad) practices on designing and building Singularity recipes
  • build and/or host container remotely

To fully benefit from the workshop, basic Linux system administration experience is highly desirable i.e. knowledge of package management and common tools for building and managing of software: git, pip, conda, wget, curl … Please follow the instructions at to install Singularity on your computer.

Workshop information

Place: via Zoom.
Date and time: 3 May  2021 9:00-12:00


Please direct any questions or comments to Pavlin Mitev.

Last modified: 2021-06-22