Introductory Course Winter 2023

Overview and Schedule

UPPMAX application experts want to share their skills in a 4-day series of lectures. We will help you move from being a Linux novice to an UPPMAX expert. If you already have the fundamentals down, you are still sure to enjoy the tips and tricks in the later parts of the course. Hence we've made it possible to sign up only for the days that are interesting to you.

More advanced users may be interested in the associated Awk workshop.

When: February 13-16, 2023.

Where: online via Zoom.

Registration form (closed).

Q&A document on HackMD.


February 13


February 14


February 15


February 16


09 - 12

Course Overview

Intro to Linux and UPPMAX

Björn Claremar

Linux II

Douglas Scofield

Bash Scripts

Douglas Scofield

Python I

Matias Piqueras


13 - 16

Intro to UPPMAX

Björn Claremar

Linux III

Douglas Scofield


Diana Iusan

Python II

Matias Piqueras

Part of the course material is also publicly available on Studium.

Startup instructions to course participants

Approximately two weeks before the course starts, you will receive a set of instructions for creating an account and joining the course project. It is important that you complete these steps well in advance of the course.

Other information


While this course is worth no högskolepoäng, we will issue a certificate of participation upon request.

Please contact Diana Iusan if you have any questions about the UPPMAX courses.

Last modified: 2023-02-15