How can I see how much time there is left on my project?

To get an overview of how much of your project allocation that has been used, please use the projinfo command. Please use the command projinfo -h to get details on usage.
With no flags given, projinfo will tell you your usage during the current month.

With SLURM on Tintin and Milou:

Usage in project testproj during the current year:

projinfo -y testproj

Usage in project testproj during the specified two months:

projinfo -s 2010-02 -e 2010-03 testproj

Usage in your projects today until the moment you run the command:

projinfo -s today

The command extracts information from a system log of all finished jobs, and also asks the batch system about currently running jobs. For more details see the Milou User Guide or the Tintin User Guide.

With SUPR:

Log in to SUPR and view your projects there. You can also get information about usage levels, storage levels, membership, etc.