User accounts

  • The user account is limited in time and will be deactivated three(3) months after the user's current affiliation or project is ended.
  • The user account is personal and shall not under any circumstances be shared with other persons.
  • Passwords and private keys shall be kept secret and may not be disclosed to other persons or transmitted over insecure channels.
  • Data stored with an account being closed will be archived for a reasonable period of time.

Usage rules

  • Sabotage or disruptive activities aimed at the computer system, other systems, or other users, as well as gaining unauthorized access to any local or remote computer systems, whether governed by this policy or not, is prohibited.
  • Any indications of security problems, signs of intrusion or suspect activity from other users shall immediately be reported to UPPMAX staff.


  • Breach of these rules may result in account termination and/or legal prosecution.

Additional UPPMAX rules

  • The user shall inform UPPMAX of any changes in address, phone number, e-mail address, etc. Accounts with non-valid e-mail address will be closed.
  • The user agrees to acknowledge the use of UPPMAX resources in any article or scientific publication resulting from, or utilizing, the project calculations. Please see Acknowledgment suggestion for examples.
  • The users agrees to receive email from UPPMAX from time to time. This includes security notices, information of general updates of our systems, news from SNIC and other issues that our users should know about.


Last modified: 2024-04-08