Deliver user guide

Deliver is a tool helping with the transfer of data from NGI delivery projects (physically located on storage system Grus) to Biancas SENS projects located on storage system Castor, as well as SNIC projects located on storage system Crex (on the Rackham cluster).

Deliver has no own user interface and you only need SUPR access to be able to request the data transfer from your delivery project to your SENS/SNIC-project on Bianca/Rackham.

In order to be allowed to request data transfer from NGI delivery project to SENS/SNIC-project two points must be met:

  1. The PI must be the same person for both the SENS/SINC-project and the delivery project.
  2. You are the PI or the proxy for the SENS/SNIC project.

Good to consider before you start.

One delivery project can only be linked to one single SNIC/SENS project and cannot be reused with another destination project.

In other words: once you have requested the data from the delivery project on Grus to be copied to some project on Bianca or Rackham, you cannot request that same dataset to be copied again to another project.

Note that sensitive data can only be transferred to Bianca.

Please be careful while comparing the size of delivery project with available space at the destination project.

Note that some projects (like SNIC Small) has fixed size and cannot be extended. In such cases the data delivery request which is bigger than allocation at the destination will never be completed. We suggest then to apply for a Uppstore storage project and request the delivery there instead.

You always get help from us via the SUPR support form.

How it works?

Before you request a data delivery, please make sure that you have enough disk space available in the /proj area of your sens-project. You need at least as much free space as the size of delivery project you have requested data from.

  1. First you need to login to SUPR with your SUPR user credentials. There in SUPR on the left side you should see all your projects where you are a member.

  2. Then choose a SENS/SNIC-project you want to deliver some data to.

  3. On the projects web page scroll down to the "NGI Delivery Projects" section.

    If you have received some delivery then you should be able to see "Request Delivery" button:

    If you don't see this button it is usually because of the following:

    1. The PI of the delivery and SENS/SNIC-project does not match. If that is the case please contact NGI support at

    2. You are not the PI or Proxy of the SENS/SNIC-project. Only PI or the Proxy can request data. If you have been asked to deliver the data and you are not Proxy, you need to contact the PI of your project and ask to become Proxy. Setting or changing a Proxy is done by the PI on

    3. You have no any completed deliveries done to your NGI delivery project

  4. Click the "Request Delivery" button. You should see a list over all completed deliveries available for you to request.

  5. Click "Request" button corresponding with the delivery project you want to get data delivered from:


  6. Now you have requested the transfer of data from chosen NGI delivery project to your SENS-project on Bianca (or SNIC project on Rackham).

    Under "NGI Delivery Projects" section on SUPR web page can you see your request, together with current status of your shipment ("Delivery Status").

Once the delivery was requested "Delivery Status" field is empty. Deliver-tool is running in the background and on regular basis asks SUPR about all the projects with pending delivery requests.

When Deliver has started to work with your project the value of "Delivery Status" will change to "inprogress".

Once delivery is completed the status will change to "delivered" and under your “proj” directory on Bianca you should find the directory named like the delivery project you have requested containing your data.

In case you are transferring data from Grus to SNIC project located on Rackham, the destination where the data will be placed will be the main project directory (for instance: /proj/uppstore2017001/delivery00001).

Last modified: 2022-01-14