Guidance for users moving from Rackham to Dardel

This page collects useful information for PIs and users in projects on Rackham/Crex that will move to Dardel/Klemming at PDC.

UPPMAX News article about the planned move

Unless you are a UU researcher and have communicated with us, all data on Rackham/Crex will be irrevocably destroyed at the end of 2024.

In order to log in and use Dardel, you need a PDC user account. Apply for a PDC user account here.

PDC has a quick-start guide. If you need help, the best way to contact PDC support is using the SUPR form.

How to move your data

Soon we will publish a small tool and a practical guide to help you move the data between project folders. 

Software from Rackham on Dardel

We are going to move the bulk of the UPPMAX bioinformatics software library to Dardel. Preliminary testing has been very promising, but for right now a lot of things are still missing.

We will update this page as things progress. Check back often!

Last modified: 2023-10-27