Transferring files while using two factor authentication

It's possible to transfer files almost as "normal" when using two factor authentication. This works because the system has a grace period during which new connections for the same user from the same connecting host do not need to provide two factor authentication again if it has been given recently.

We call "the source system" the system outside of Sweden where the files initially are (maybe a cluster, maybe your laptop…), and they are to be sent to UPPMAX. To transfer files:

  • From the source system, log into UPPMAX with ssh - you will be prompted for a two factor code; enter it. You do not need to stay connected, it's fine to log out and go back to the source system.
  • From the source system and without undue delay: run the file transfer tool (typically rsync/scp/sftp) you want to use. It should connect without issue.
Last modified: 2021-02-26