Transit user guide


To facilitate secure data transfers to, from and within the system for computing on sensitive data (bianca/castor) a service is available via ssh at

You can connect to transit via ssh. Once connected, you should see a short help message. The most important thing there is the

mount_wharf command

which you can use to mount a project from the bianca wharf, as in

username@transit:~$ mount_wharf sens2016001
Mounting wharf (accessible for you only) to /home/username/sens2016001's password: 
username@transit:~$ ls sens2016001/
Desktop test

Note that your home directory is mounted read-only, any changes you do to your "local" home directory (on transit) will be forgotten afterwards.

You can use commands like rsync, scp and similar to fetch data and transfer it to your bianca wharf.

Moving data between projects

You can use transit to transfer data between projects by mounting the wharfs for the different projects and transferring data with rsync. Note that you may of course only do this if this is allowed (agreements, permissions et.c.)