Maintenance window Wednesday 2017-09-06" -- FINISHED


Monthly maintenance window begins at 0900 hours on the first Wednesday of the month. (That is today.)

This time we will:

  • Upgrade Linux kernel and other system software on Bianca, Castor, Fysast1, Grus, Irma, Milou, and Rackham.
  • Stop Slurm queues on Bianca, but not on the other systems.
  • Restart login nodes on all systems, probably once only.
  • Begin to test an alternative way to mount Pica on Milou nodes m[191-208].

Most of the day, logins to Bianca will be unavailable.

Part of the day, Grus will be unavailable.

Compute nodes on Fysast1, Irma, Milou, and Rackham will be upgraded between jobs, so Slurm queue waiting time may be somewhat longer today.

We plan to keep you informed about our progress with the maintenance, by updating this page approximately every three hours.

Update at 1100 hours

Bianca is still unavailable.

Maintenance is progressing. Very soon all login nodes on Irma will be restarted. We have restarted login nodes on Fysast1 and Milou and will now verify them.

Update at 1440 hours

Bianca is still unavailable, and its maintenance takes longer time than expected. Perhaps we will not finish until the middle of the night.

We have finished maintenance on Castor, Fysast1, Grus, Irma, Lupus, Milou, and Rackham.

Update Thursday 0200 hours

Unfortunately a problem remains on the Bianca cluster which will need further investigation starting later this morning. It is expected at this time that Bianca will remain offline during the first half of today (Thursday). Please continue checking this page for regular updates.

Update Thursday 1100 hours

Work is progressing. After lunch we will likely be able to provide a better estimate when Bianca will be online again.

Update Thursday 1400 hours

Unfortunately a few issues still remain to be solved.

Update Thursday 1630 hours

We currently expect to bring the system back online during Thursday evening assuming no new issues are discovered.

Update Friday 0000 hours

Bianca should be available and jobs are running. Some minor details are still to be done, but you should be able to access Bianca again.

Update Friday 1300 hours

September maintenance completed.

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