Quick upgrade of Slurm 2017-11-02 -- COMPLETED


UPPMAX plan to upgrade Slurm today on Fysast1, Irma, Milou, and Rackham.

This means you may experience short stops in Slurm service during upgrade of Slurm servers, and we are sorry for those.

We will begin the Slurm upgrade on  Irma.

Update at 1900 hours

Main Slurm servers are upgraded, and Slurm is upgraded on all login nodes.

We are now upgrading compute nodes, upgrading them when the current jobs have finished. This means that the queue time for jobs will be longer until tomorrow. This upgrade will run in an automaic way.

So, we are soon finished with the manual steps.

Please telll us, if something with Slurm has stopped working.

Update at 2100 hours

We will continue tomorrow morning.

The upgrade on Milou's compute nodes goes slowly, due to Pica, that is very slow at the moment.

Update Friday at 0930 hours

The upgrade has finished.

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