How to get a high job priority on Bianca


On Bianca, the devel and devcore partitions will not help you much, because they are not dedicated nodes on each project cluster. In the future, UPPMAX plans to make devel and devcore jobs more useful.

Until then, you can use the normal

-- qos=interact



sbatch flags on the special job that needs to start more quickly. (Please note that it is not meaningful to put this flag on all of your 5000 jobs. It is meant for one special job at a time, that is more important than the others.)

If the job can not start immediately, a monitoring program will notice it and give the project cluster an extra compute node, to run the special job on. This will normally take less than 15 minutes to get the job started, but may in special circumstances take half an hour.

Please get in touch with UPPMAX on our support address, if you have difficulties to make this work.

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