March maintenance day -- UPDATED Thursday 07:00


Wednesday 7th of March UPPMAX began our monthly service window. Systems and services may become unreachable during the day.

Updates will be posted here once the service starts.

Wed 09:00

As mentioned in the news letter we will power off Rackham as part of extending the storage system.

Wed 13:30

Rackham In progress

The DDN team has successfully connected the new storage to Crex and finished firmware upgrades. They are now performing the critical step of taking Crex back up again and doing the final tests.

Milou In progress

Milou is running its job database on Rackham. Now when Rackham is down, some functionality and scripts may be disturbed.

Irma In progress

Bianca In progess

Upgrades on the filesystem Castor are postponed until later.

Grus Completed

Grus maintenance now completed.

Wed 17:00

Bianca Completed

We have implemented a workaround to the metadata problem for files, where files not always being listed although they exist. We now expect users to be able to list all their files at all times.

Rackham In progress

The maintenance is completed, but due to the history of the storage system showing faulty drives sometime after a reboot, we will wait until tonight before allowing new jobs to start. You are still however able to login, browse your files and submit new jobs.

Wed 22:00

Rackham Completed

No issue with the storage systems, and new jobs may start.

Thu 07:00

Irma & Milou In progress

Thu 10:30

Irma & Milou Completed

All upgrades were succesful.

Service window closed

The service window is finished for this time. All systems are expected to run as usual. Contact if you get any problems. Thank you for your patience!

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