GPUs now available in Bianca


UPPMAX is happy to announce that Bianca now provides GPUs available for all its users! GPUs are a type of accelerator that may significantly increase performance for certain workloads, for instance, workloads that contain large amounts of identical operations on independent pieces of data (so called data parallellism).

The GPUs has been installed, tested and configured during spring 2021 and are now available for all SNIC-SENS users on Bianca. The GPUs are NVIDIA A100 with 40GB onboard VRAM (HBM2E) and each GPU compute node comes with two A100s (PCIe 4.0), 256 GB of memory and a 16 core AMD EPYC 7302p processor. CUDA comes preinstalled in the environment.

For more information how to allocate GPUs please see the Bianca User guide and the "Node types" section.

Ifyou have any question, thoughts or comments, please let us know in the support at

Happy computing!

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