Maintenance window on Irma Wednesday 2017-01-11 -- FINISHED


There are two main parts of today's maintenance:

  • Upgrade Linux kernel, Slurm, and other system software on Irma

  • Check file system of Lupus and reconfigure Lupus, to make it work better.

We do not yet know how long time the work on Lupus will take. We have already begun both parts of work, on Irma and on Lupus.

Login nodes are shut down and will be started when we have finished our maintenance on Lupus.. Slurm queues are stopped and will be released when we are finished.

We will update this news text during the maintenance, with information about our progress.

Update at 1230 hours

Maintenance on Lupus has finished, and all known problems are solved.

Maintenance on Irma continues. Logins are still not allowed. We plan to finish before evening.

Update at 1750 hours

Maintenance on Irma is mostly finished, so we now close the maintenance window. Several compute nodes have still not booted, and on several compute nodes we still need to replace disks. That work will continue outside of the window.

Please tell us if you notice remaining problems with Lupus and Irma.

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