Rackham is now open for all users


All active Tintin projects (exception Tintin-Fysast1, please see below) have been migrated to Rackham. All UPPMAX users should now have access to Rackham.

Dear former Tintin user,

UPPMAX has now migrated all active Tintin projects to Rackham, except
for combined Tintin-Fysast1 projects (you should know, if you belong
to one of those three projects.)

Fysast1 projects have not moved to Rackham, because there is no
common storage system for Fysast1 and Rackham. (If needed, please
apply for a project on Rackham.)

If you belong to an active Tintin project, it is now changed into a
Rackham project, and as a project member you should be able to login
to Rackham.

If you have any questions about Rackham, you are very welcome to
get in touch at the same, old e-mail address "support@uppmax.uu.se".

For a start: There are some differences between Tintin and Rackham,
as described below.


Each compute node on Rackham contains 20 compute cores, instead of the
16 compute cores on Tintin. This means that you have to rethink how
many nodes and cores you want to allocate in your jobs.


UPPMAX has moved the project directories from Tintin (storage system Pica)
to Rackham (storage system Crex).

The project directory on Tintin was divided into two parts, one backed-up
part, and a no-backup part. Each of these parts had a file space limit
of 512 GB.

On Rackham these two parts have joined, into one part, that must not
exceed 128 GB. It is backed up, except for the subdirectory that is named

For those project directories that exceeded 128 GB in size, we have
given you one month from now to shrink your usage to below 128 GB.

The uquota command will give you information about your usage and
the limit.

If your project needs more space than those 128 GB, you may apply for
a storage project that gives an additional storage directory, which is
not backed up. You apply in SUPR, in round UPPMAX Storage 2017:


As with Tintin, you log in with ssh to one of the (four) login nodes,
that have the common name "rackham.uppmax.uu.se". So, please open a
terminal and run
   ssh username@rackham.uppmax.uu.se

If you want to run graphical applications you must specify -X or -Y,
    ssh -X username@rackham.uppmax.uu.se


As usual, you get a list of your projects with the projinfo command.


Please note that most software that you may have compiled on Tintin,
should be recompiled on Rackham, because of the more modern computer

For a complete list of currently installed software please run after
logging in:
    module avail

You can search for modules with the "module spider"
     module spider name-of-software

The list of available software will be updated in the coming weeks. At
this time we have most of the compilers (icc, mpicc, gcc, gfortran and
javac) and interpreters (Python, Perl, R) and software (MATLAB,
GAUSSIAN, COMSOL, RStudio, OpenFOAM, GROMACS) installed.

If you are missing software and are unable to install it yourself, you
may ask for support at support@uppmax.uu.se.


You are also welcome to read web page

Best wishes,
-- UPPMAX Support Team <support@uppmax.uu.se>
   SNIC-UPPMAX, Uppsala University
   Home page: http://www.uppmax.uu.se
   Twitter: https://twitter.com/uppmax

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