Problem with file permissions in certain projects


We have restored project access for some projects. Access was
temporarily lost due to a glitch in our system. PI of affected projects have been / will be contacted.

Affected projects:
b2011231, b2013226, b2014286, b2016267, b2016424, b2016444,
b2017017, b2017035, b2017037, b2017039, b2017040, b2017041,
b2017042, b2017043, b2017044, b2017096

What happened? Yesterday, affected project directories unexpectedly got a new group id, without adding any users for that group id. The new group was then set as owner of several folders, meaning no user could access them.

Solution? We reset all group ownership to normal - its own group. That is usually the only expected group ownership in project folders. But if you had only yourself or another group as owner of files, it is now overwritten.

If there would still remain problems of getting access to files, just contact us at and we will help you.

If you had set special group ownership for any files, you need to set them again, or ask us to do that.

We are sorry if this has caused any inconvenience for you.

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