Maintenance window for Bianca Wednesday 2017-03-22 -- finished


We start at 0900 hours and plan to finish before evening.

We will:

  • Upgrade all ethernet switches withiin the Bianca system
  • Upgrade BIOS, BMC, Linux kernel, other system software, and the file system (Gluster) on storage system Castor
  • Upgrade file system (Gluster) clients on e.g. project clusters

Logins and file transfers will be unavailable until we are ready.

We will update this web page during the maintenance, so you can see when we are ready.

Update at 1215 hours:

Ehternet switches, BIOS, and BMC are already upgraded. Maintenance continues smoothly.

Update at 1525 hours:

We have upgraded everything, but dound that the new file system version on Castor had a serious error.

Now we are going to downgrade the file system on Castor, to yesterday's version. Hopefully we will still finish today.

Update at 1930 hours:

We have now downgraded Castor. Internal tests show no problems.

What we have left is to start and test the login node. This will probably be done tomorrow morning.

Update Friday at 0900 hours:

We are finished and have closed the maintenance window.

You are again welcome to login to Bianca.

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