Maintenance window Wednesday 2017-04-05 -- finished


In addition to software upgrades, today we'll also switch to a new speedy internet access. Here is our plan in a bit more detail:

  • Upgrade kernel, upgrade Slurm to version 17.02.1, and upgrade other system software on all nodes of Fysast1, Irma, Milou, and Rackham.
  • Switch to a new redundant 100 Gbit/s connection to the internet and close down the old connection. Because of this UPPMAX will change all its public IP-adresses. All systems will be unavailable from internet during the change.
  • Decommission Smog.

Slurm queues on Milou, Fysast1, and Rackham will be stopped. Queues on Irma and Bianca will not be affected.

Note that these changes might take longer than one day. We will keep you informed on the progress here in our system news.

Update at 0900 hours

Started maintenance window.

Update at 1130 hours

We have swithced to our new internet connection, and have upgradeed all kernels and other system software.

Now we are changing IP addresses, and making everything work again, which is a chore with many details to consider.

Update at 1450 hours

We are still busy trying to rebuild all IP address relationships between our servers. Nothing seems to have broken yet, though.

Our guess is that UPPMAX's systems will not be available today, but sometime tomorrow.

Update at 1615 hours

The maintenance continues tomorrow.

Update Thursday at 1020 hours

Bianca, Fysast1, Irma, and Milou are  available again. Plese tell us if you notice problems.

Maintenance on Rackham will probably finish during the afternoon.

Update Thursday at 1740 hours

We got a lot of problems, due to the major change of IP addresses, that we are busy fixing.

Sorry, but we were not able to fix Slurm on Rackham today. We continue tomorrow, Friday

Update Friday at 1200 hours

Rackham is available again. Please tell us if you notice any problems.

Update Friday at 1520 hours

We have finished our extra long maintenance for April. Next maintenance is Wednesday, May 3rd.

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