Cooling stop at 17.00 hours the 23rd of May -- CANCELLED


UPPMAX got a warning about a stop in the cooling system of our computer room.

We can only run our systems without cooling  for about 15 minutes, so we may need to stop Slurm queues on all systems.

We have added such a stop, but may during the remaining week decide that it is not needed, depending on negotiations with those responsible for the cooling stop.

Update on Monday, the day before the cooling stop

We now have planned the production stop in more detail, and are sorry to say that we need to close down all our compute resources at 1700 hours, even if they still run jobs.

The problem is that the temperature in the computer room will rise more quickly than we are able to close down our equipment, if we do not prepare by taking down most equipment in advance.

Update on Tuesday morning

We just received noticed from Akademiska hus that their cooling tests would not be as extensive as first planned. This means the announced cooling stop is now cancelled.

We will have staff to keep an extra eye on the cooling this evening, just to be sure, but the margin is big enough to keep all our systems running as usual.

We are sorry about the last minute change of information, and the inconvenience that the stopped Slurm queues may have caused you.

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