Inauguration Event

Two new systems have been taken into production at UPPMAX. Rackham is a general-purpose HPC cluster with a fast storage system. Bianca is the compute platform for the SNIC-SENS project, a cutting-edge initiative that enables secure analysis of sensitive data.

Inauguration program

Date, time, and location: April 24th, 13:00-15:30, in Navet at SciLifeLab Uppsala.

A tentative program is presented below. Note that it is subject to change.

13.00-13.10 Welcome from the director of UPPMAX
13.10-13.25 Uppsala University Advisor to the Vice-Chancellor for Research Infrastructure
13.25-13.40 Representatives from the Swedish Research Council (VR)
13.40-13.50 The SNIC-SENS project
13.50-14.00 Vendors
14.00-14.15 Åsa Johansson: Data Intensive Research on Bianca
14.15-14.30 Olle Eriksson: Compute Intensive Research on Rackham
14.30-14.35 Inauguration ceremony
14.35-15.30 Poster session and cake

List of posters
  • Lynn Kamerlin & Anna Pabis: "Uppsala Computational Biochemistry Initiative"
  • Natasha Kamerlin: "Structure and Dynamics of Polymer Networks"
  • Susanne Höfner: "Cool Giant Stars"
  • Alessandro Geogudis: "Konishi Structure Constant at Five Loops"
  • Erik Branger: "Cerenkov Emission from Nuclear Fuel"
  • Max Käller: "NGI Genomics Application Development" 
  • Adam Ameur: "1000 Swedish Genomes Database"
  • Johan Rung & Sverker Lundin: "SciLifeLab Data Office"
  • The Bianca Cluster
  • The Rackham Cluster
  • And others