Time to start moving your research from Milou


The dedicated bioinformatics/life science compute resource Milou and its storage system Pica have reached their end of life.  If you use Milou and will continue research into 2018 and beyond, then it is time for you to plan your move. 

UPPMAX and SNIC are extending the compute cluster Rackham and its storage system, Crex, to make room for Milou/Pica users.  Unless you have some other solution, we recommend you move your work to Rackham. We'll try to make this transition as smooth as possible. To that end, please see the webpage we've set up with information on how to proceed. 

Milou and Pica's support contracts run out on December 31st. In order to ensure an orderly process, we need input from all continuing projects before this date. If you need us to keep working, you must submit proposals for projects on Rackham and Crex before the end of this year.

Link: Moving your research from Milou to Rackham

For updates and information on current system status, please see the System Status page.


Last modified: 2023-05-29