Update on the move from Milou: Crex is booked up in the short term


Because of the shutdown of Milou, the current storage resources on Rackham/Crex are now fully booked. New projects' allocations will be made available after we have expanded the size of the storage system, which should be by April 2018. Please continue to submit project proposals as per our earlier instructions.

The current size of Crex that is available to storage projects is 1.5 PB, 1 PB of which is in SciLifeLab Storage and 500 TB of which is in UPPMAX Storage. When we expand Crex early this spring, UPPMAX Storage will grow to 4.5 PB, which is more than large enough to accommodate all our current projects. 

This means that no new allocations can be made available on Rackham/Crex immediately. Storage projects that are approved now will start after the extension is done. However, we still want to receive your proposals, because we use that information to handle communication with remaining Milou projects.

Compute projects that are approved can still begin with immediate effect, and we encourage you to log in and prepare your work environment, check that your software stack is in place, do a dry run of your pipelines, etc.

For updates and information on current system status, please see the System Status page.


Last modified: 2023-05-29