New system for home directories


With the retirement of Pica, a new storage system for home folders is being taken into production this week. This system is named Domus, which means "home" in Latin. In addition to home directories, the software library will also be located on Domus.

At the end of this month's maintenance window, your home directory will be located on Domus. Physically, Domus is a 100 TB Netapp storage system and consists of 96 SAS 10K disks. 

Some users' home directories will become unavailable unless action is taken. These users have been contacted, and include users who have not been active in over 2 years (which will be archived), as well as users who have overdrafted the 32 GB quota in their home directories (who will see an empty home directory when they log in). 

For updates and information on current system status, please see the System Status page.


Last modified: 2023-05-29