Bianca users: report interest in GPUs on Bianca


UPPMAX is gathering interest in user-funded GPU resources on Bianca. Users are invited to contact us.

Since this spring, a number of Nvidia Tesla T4 GPUs are available in our
older Snowy cluster. These were paid for by individual groups for education
and research. Those groups have priority access. However, anyone using Snowy
can submit jobs to them, and those will be scheduled when no priority jobs
are present in the queue.

Currently, we are also exploring the need and interest for GPUs in the
Bianca resource for sensitive data, in a similar fashion as the GPUs in Snowy. If you have an interest in this and would want to cofund (part of a) GPU node for priority access to that node once it's installed, pleaseget in touch with our technical coordinator Carl Nettelblad,

More details on using the GPU nodes on Snowy are available at:

Starting in 2021, UU undergraduate courses will also be able to use Snowy GPUs for
machine learning and other uses where they are relevant. The total pool for
GPUs will be expanded to accomodate this. A limited GPU capability will
also be present in the Uppsala site for the SNIC Science Cloud, "Dis".

For general-purpose (non-sensitive) machine learning research, a high number
of modern GPUs are now also offered by SNIC in form of the Alvis resource
at Chalmers,

For updates and information on current system status, please see the System Status page.


Last modified: 2023-05-29